Using Bullet-chart in CLUBASID.

Olusola I Olaoye
3 min readJun 8, 2022

Bullet charts are very effective when it comes to measuring values against targets. A sample data set will be shown in this article to explain how bullet charts can be used effectively.

The data below shows the data for 8 workers in a company. We are looking at their tasks completed as well as the overall tasks they are supposed to complete.

Using the attribute over entity model

Now open up the bullet chart panel.

Open up the bullet chart panel, change the “origin” attribute to task completed and change the “target” attribute to total task. We can see the task completed and the total tasks for each worker. We can also see that out of all the workers, only Bunmi has completed all tasks.

But this is not all that makes bullet chart. What if we want to see those who have completed 70 percent of their tasks? Let us change “marker 2” to 70%.

From the above graph, we can see that Emeka, Lekan, sola and Arinze have not completed up to 70% of their tasks.

Using the pro version of CLUBASID, we can also customise the look of this chart. These are just some of what can be achieved.

We can see that bullet charts have their unique role in data visualisation.