6 new visualisation charts in CLUBASID

New charts have been added to CLUBASID. CLUBASID does real-time data visualisation among many other things. I previously wrote an article on 22 visualisation charts in clubasid. Overall, CLUBASID now has 30+ interactive charts. You can get CLUBASID from the Microsoft store.

  1. Bullet Chart

A variation of bar chart used to measure values against their targets.

2. Box and Whisker

Used for a displaying data distribution through their quartiles.

3. Combo chart

A combination of Bar and Line charts.

4. Funnel chart

Orders bar values from largest to smallest to form a “funnel” shape.

5. Word Chart

Displays different words (representing names of entities ) and sets the font size relative to their values. Big texts represent larger values and small texts represent smaller values.

6. Variable difference

This graph essentially shows the difference between two different variables across multiple entities.